Friday, 20 January 2012

Journal Posts

During todays lesson we had some problems, and as a result of this we have had to change our idea. Firstly the positioning of the doll whilst we were shooting caused a problem, as it was hard to get the doll in the right position every time we went back to shooting. And today we haven't been able to shoot anything as there were complications with the lights that we needed for our shooting. We have decided to change our idea of using a doll, as we found that it can be very hard and frustrating. We are now using lego in our shooting, we have decided to do this because the lego will be easier to position every time we start filming.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Journal Posts

In mondays lesson we began to write the lyrics for our song that we will be using in our title sequence. Whilst Sophie and me wrote some of the lyrics, Keira was on the macs editing any mistakes that were made in the footage that we have done so far, and Jess was taking some more pictures of the doll for our title sequence.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Journal Posts

Today i had to join another group, as my partner, Jack, left. I am now in Keira, Sophie and Jess' group. Today i am updating my blog so that i am up to date with the film and i know whats going on in the film

Testing Stop Motion

Testing stop motion 2

Production plan

Things to do:
Typography Questionnaire
Sound Research
Fishing Wire
Make Pillows

Storyboard Plan
J: Intro-Child-Doll Scene
S:Bed Scene- Inside-Outside.
S:Shops-Walking past shops & houses
K: Newspaper- flew past houses grabs newspaper.
K: Credits- appearing on newspaper
J: Traveling to theatre
J: Opening scene- sarah bailey looking at newspaper.

Film presentation

This is the presentation for the film